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Bow Making Machine

Automatic bow machine can make bows quickly,as well as decorate women’s underwear, children’s clothing, gifts, etc. Capable for ribbon width 3-10mm and length 80-200mm

The speed can be adjusted gradually, and the fastest can reach 2200-2300pcs/hour. The average speed is 1800pcs/hour. The operation interface is simple and easy to understand.

The machine is equipped with a thermal cutting device to achieve neat edges and corners of the cutting ribbon, while the ironing device smooths out the uneven wrinkled ribbon. The machine is operated with a touch screen controller. 

The machine can work continuously for 24 hours, stable and easy to maintain.

Applicable products:

Ribbon, clothing, underwear, hair accessories, gifts, packaging, handbags, greeting cards and other products that need bow decoration

JHT-20 Automatic bow machine parameter(standard)
Ribbon width 3-10MM
Tie total length after unfold 85-200MM
Ribbon nature Double side belt
Ribbon material General band
Power consumption 0.7kw/h
Production 1800PCS/H
Energy Pneumatic
Air pressure 0.6KP
Machine size 1100*900*1650MM
Machine weight 200KG
Sound level 75 Decibel
Angle Machines can adjust different angles
Accuracy (+/- )1mm
Motor system Servo and stepping motor
Machine power (KW) 1.5KW
Motor power 1KW
Voltage 220V

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