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d-Tex Digital Label Printing
d-Tex Digital Label Printing

To tackle the problem of the production of smaller volumes of order in a less amount of time in a cost-effective manner, the new d-Tex concept was launched. It is the first of its kind equipment that is a practical industrial production machine, exclusively designed for the production of short run digitally printed garment and apparent labels in affordable rate.  Complimenting the emerging Inkjet single pass print technology, the proven technology of Focus d-Tex will help to deliver quality and industrial performance appropriate for all label manufacturers. Whether it’s 10 labels or 100,000 labels, the d-Tex will effectively deliver digital prints of premium quality, combining entry level 2 colour (MK) or full colour (CMYK) inkjet system.

d-Tex Digital Label Printing

  • Realistic industrial production level machine
  • Efficient method for manaufactruing short-term digitally printed garments and apparel labels
  • 10 labels or 100,000 labels
  • Delivers effective digital print solution
  • Merging an entry level full color (CMYK) inject system or 2 color (MK)
  • With high end software running speed of up to 30-60 mts/min
  • Tackle small orders, variable data and high resolution graphics.

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