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Digital DFLEX Machine
Digital DFLEX Machine

Orders that come smaller in volume, variable data and images are an easy job for the dFlex Ink jet system, a digital label printing machine from Focus. With production speeds of 20-70 Mts/min, 4 colours in addition to white are possible. It comes with the function of single colour rotary flexo for printing and over varnish or coating and when combined with flexo print station can print, coat and convert in line without any fuss. Available applications are labels, security labels, packaging and tickets.

Digital DFLEX Machine

  • Digital Ink jet high speed, 4 colour plus white alternative
  • Technology servo
  • Selection of web widths
  • Roll to roll, Transforming for varnish or coating printing and over coating
  • Systems of UV drying
  • Applications: Packaging, Labels, Labels for security, Tickets

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