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Azon Tex Pro

Tex Pro is a Direct to Garment printer that does digital printing and can be used as a substitute of screen printing and transfer printing. Color printing is obtained without plate making or any repeated color register, making it ideal for colored textiles like t-shirts, towels, jeans, aprons, bags. It has super adhesion capacity and can bring high profit return with limited investment. The printer contains 4 CMYK and 4 whites with an advanced laser beam print protection. Its white ink is specifically developed to print on dark garments. The resolution in tex Pro can go up to 1440 dpi and it provides amazing speed of up to 50 light shirts or 15 dark shirts per hour. Moreover, it can make short or medium runs as well as personalized and variable data printing.

Azon Mirage

Especially designed for industrial production to print a wide range of finished garments such as t-shirt, shirts, jeans, apron, dresses, cloth panels etc , the Mirage features large 600x800 mm format. It uses an exchangeable dual-platen platform technology to deliver the best vibrant garment, twice as faster than other fabric printers. It is the ideal choice for garments looking for a printer for highly durable, washable garments without color fading. Mirage uses the improved LCD touch screen and has large-scale facilities with maximum accuracy. It uses servo motor and ball screw system that enables the forward-backward movement of the printed object with most accuracy.

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