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Azon DTS

A versatile printing option, the  DTS can do printing operations directly on glass, metal, stone, wood, plastics, leather and a myriad of other objects with excellent adhesive of ink. Your prints will come out vibrant in full- color in a faster speed and cheaper rate than other printing options like thermo transfer or screen printing.  Good revenue can be earned with this printer as it also holds the capability to handle printing operations at gift shops, fast sign and copier shops, photo labels, museums with the reproduction quality of true 1440 dpi. Low in maintenance and premium in quality, this is a great option for printing in mass.


Answer to the growing demand of personalized products, The  BOXER comes with advanced solution to cater to a myriad of printing possibilities in finished packaging items such as shoeboxes, gift boxes, wooden hamper boxes, bottle boxes, shipping boxes, lunch boxes.  Unlimited prints and design options are available in this machine, making it ideal for gift retailers, fast sign and copier shops, photo labs, museums, etc. The  Boxer is the upgraded version that can print directly in a wide range of materials such as plastic, wood, stone, steel, anodize aluminum, glass, leather etc.  With true 1440 dpi quality, fast speed and wide range of application coverage, it is sure to satisfy the most demanding printing markets.


DTS Matrix comes as an innovative introduction that extends productivity and creativity up to 200 mm in height. Designed with a reliable and compatible system, it can cover a wide variety of business printing applications .Matrix print onto any type of materials such as PETS, ABS, polycarbonate, TPU, wood, stone, glass, canvas, ceramic, aluminum, leather etc. It is the ideal option to earn good revenue at lower cost. Matrix can easily handle industrial printing demands such as heavy, rigid materials high-quality volume printing requirements such as USB dives, smartphones, cases, lighters, pens etc. Each printing is done with precision; thanks to the strong bed, smart vacuum table and full-featured  RIP software and DTS ink technology. The advanced system of Matrix and its ability to handle wide range of applications makes it suitable industries like leather, tradeshow graphics, interior design, furniture etc. Matrix features a monoblock structure with electric components that allows simple installation and flexibility to be relocated at multiple locations. In addition, its advanced media presents add convenience and will open doors to new printing opportunities.

DTS Grande

A revolutionary addition in printing, the DTS Grande brings endless possibilities. Exclusively designed to print on organic materials, it holds the ability to produce vibrant full colors on all media and materials starting from anodised aluminium, leather, canvas to plastic and wood. Thus, it caters to wide range of industry such as footwear, furniture, book cover, car seat cover, clothing, accessories etc. Its printable surface of 600x750 mm and razor-sharp 2880 dpi resolution gives it the capability to cover high volume printing requirements. The UV ink based printing solutions have a downside of leaving ink on the material surface and also have the possibility to crack. However, DTS Grande and its advanced technology tackles this issue by delivering maximum ink adhesion and gives vibrancy and longevity to printed colours. DTS Grande holds the capability of running a myriad of applications. Printing up to 100 mm in height, it gives premium quality finish, allowing designers and manufacturers make their product graphics durable and consistent. DTS Grande has an efficient ink system with high-quality dye-ink (low viscosity gel). This ink easily absorbs into the pores of materials soon after preheating. All in all, this printer opens doors to endless creative possibilities.

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