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Platemaking Systems

Our Platemaking Systems are convenient and user friendly. You can manufacture your own printing plate from suitable negatives when exactly you need them. Our variety of system sizes will serve all your needs and makes it ideal for most print shops, providing both solvent and water based systems. The system sizes applicable are from A4 to A1. The applications available are in house platemaking of flexographic printing plates.

Flexo CTP

The revolutionary and competitively priced HDI press solutions of CRON cater the needs of present day packaging converters. The output is of superior quality with maximum efficiency. The CRON’s HDI solution work as a game changer as the plate production can be brought in-house without any hassle. It is available at three different models and the line has been benefitting from over 25 years of technological development. Coming as a complete package with integrated ablation, dust filter system and open TIFF interface, makes it a superior solution.

Ultrasonic Anilox Roll Cleaning Machine

Anilox rolls can reduce the amount of ink it transfers over time because of the cell structures blocking. As a result, the ink hardens and dries out, blocking the cells and reducing the ink volume. The Ultrasonic cleaning system is an environmental friendly and safe solution to clean Anilox rolls and bring it back to its new condition without any use of harsh chemicals.

Video Platemounting

A significant tool for most Flexo print shops, the video platemounter does an excellent job at ensuring that the plates are mounted correctly before they go to press; most effective for photopolymer printing plates. The system gets rid of any sort of errors and save valuable press down time. Quick and simple to use, it is guaranteed to be accurate every time. The system uses latest technology and is available for a variety of machines and web widths.

Imagesetter Machine-KATANA

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