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Focus LX Letterflex

If you’re looking for the most affordable option for the production of printed textiles for garments labeling, decorative ribbon, apparel trim, elastics and heat transfers, Focus LX has a range of equipments that would suit your need. Its versatility and a wide range of option selection make it the ideal machine for multiple applications including Dye sublimation. It contains Patented Cartridge systems that have the option of full colour and job changes within seconds.

Focus LX Letterflex

  • Production output at high speed
  • Combination systems of drying
  • Printing multi Ribbon
  • Cutting structures in line mark
  • Applications : transfers, dye sublimation, Elastics, Ribbons, Labels
  • Fresh controls with touchscreen
  • Monitoring live output data
  • Connectivity based on global web and app
  • Color & 7b jobs quick change cartridges

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