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Garments Printing Ink

Water Based

The water base series comprises of a variety of acrylic/polyurethane copolymers that gives it a unique characteristic for different special applications. They are meant mainly for direct printing on textile garment substrates.


The plastisol garments printing ink can be categorized into NF, PF and NP series. They are ready for use plastisol colors offering high opacity and elongation. A variety of colors is available. The PLAST NF series has PVC and Phthalates contain while the PLAST PF series is Phthalates free and Plasteco NP series is both PVC and Phthalates free.


The silicone series of Primus garments printing ink was specially developed for the printing purpose of garment textile field. With two-component system, the Silicon A-100 is eco-friendly and free from any Heavy Metals, Azo, PVC, Phthalates, Organo -tin and Formaldehyde. The Silicone B-10 works as a catalyst for 2 hours pot life while mixing.

Roatry AOP

We have four types of binder series. 1. Regular binder series. 2. Soft binder series. 3. High Fastness binder series. 4. Resin Binder Series.

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