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Heat Transfer Printing Ink

Screen Water Based

Our Water  Base Series is made with a special type of acrylic/polyurethane copolymers that forms a unique characteristic for diverse applications. Mainly, they are for direct printing on garment textile substrates and all these items  are in compliance with the most environmental restricted substances.

Screen Plastisol

The Screen series is ready for use Plastisol colours with high level of opacity and elongation. They have a variety of colours and specialties. This ink is divided into three series PLAST NF Series- PVC and Phthalates Contain PLAST PF Series- PVC but Phthalates Free PLASTeco NP Series- PVC Free & Phthalates Free

Screen Solvent Based

The Screen Solvent Base Series categorized into three series- CPU, CPL and RP inks. Each of them has a distinct trait on a different subject. Such as CPU series is for heat transfer printing on PET sheet CPL series is for direct printing on PU/PEVA/TPU Leather, PU Puff Leather, Genuine Leather, Water Proof or Water Repellent Nylon Taffeta, Suede Cloth etc. RP series is for direct printing on EVA beach sandal or materials composed by EVA.

Offset Water Based

Will update later

Silicone Heat Transfer

The Silicone Heat Transfer series is specially developed for screen printing inks on garment textile field, with two-component system. Its specialties are multi coloured printable, high glossy effect, suitable for high level elastic fabrics, suitable on manual and automatic machine etc. The products are categorized by 4 series Silocon A-100 (Clear Base) Silicone A-100W (White Base) Silicone Base-KS (High Opaque Silver Base) Silicone B-10 (Catalyst)

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