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Photopolymer Flexo Plate

Analogue Flexo Plate

The Analogue Flexo Plate is Asahi’s medium hard plate, ideal for good highlights combined with excellent ink transfer onto all substrates. It gives incredibly good ink coverage with its optimized balance of solid ink density and highlight dot printing. It can be achieved at maximum printing speeds. It can also be used for most flexographic applications with particular suitability for flexible packaging printing on film and paper with solvent or water-based inks. It has beneficial features such as excellent ink transfer results in superlative solid coverage, superbly balanced reproduction of large tonal areas, steep relief shoulders and very good intermediate depths.

Digital Flexo Plate

The Digital Flexo Plate can satisfy the severest criteria of quality in printing corrugated board, solid board and heavy-duty bags. The plate’s dimensionally stable polyester base sheet is complimented by the printing quality achievable with the AFP™-SE/DSE. Its wide exposure latitude ensures the image elements like tones and isolated lines, even with the relief depth of 3mm. Subsequently, intermediate depths form evenly and the relief is produced with steep shoulders. The AFP™-SE/DSE flexo plates has the advantage of being produced in all Asahi AFP™ processing systems or corresponding processing equipment.

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