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Proflex SE
Proflex SE

The Servo drive technology (Se version) or line shaft (e Version) now offers the latest Proflex range of modular printing press equipment.  Fast and consisted quality of set up is ensured by the latest drop in cylinder. What ranges Proflex as the ideal choice for narrow web printing are the combination drying systems for labels, ticket and board, with IR, UV, led UV including chill rolls for unsupported films. In addition, it offers modular 2 to 10 colours construction for high quality printing. Applications available are labels, security labels, films, packaging, tickets, cartons etc.

Proflex SE

  • Modular construction of 2 to 10 colours
  • Chill rolls mix IR, UV and Led UV drying system
  • Selection of web widths
  • Fast load tooling for quick setups and printing of high quality
  • Servo or line shaft choice
  • Applications : Tickets, labels , security labels, boxes, films, packaging.


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