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Stretching Machine

The stretching machine is an ideal choice for pre-press process as it features chain transmission, with chain wheel, making it practical and energy saving. Adopting a pneumatic device, its shelf can draw back horizontally. In addition, the professional OEM can customize a variety of quality requests.

Emulsion Coating Machine

The Auto Emulsion Coating machine comprises of a PLC control with a touch screen technology making it a smart and convenient option. The imported motor ensures smooth operation with no vibration. The coating speed with smooth (0-120 mm/s coating precision less than 1mm). What makes it more convenient is its control interface that is intelligent and provides accuracy.

Screen Exposure Machine

1.Adopt special centrifugal cooler, fully cooling the lamp to ensure stable temperature, thereby the lamp energy can function well and enhance stability of exposure; 2.Eliminated the traditional funnel design, adopt more scientific and reasonable streamline, with imported reflector design, full use of refraction of light energy evenly across the glass surface, enhance the multicolor process, four-color making plate effect; 3.lamp start-turn off-restart, short interval time, can restart about 1 minute or so, improve exposure efficiency; 4. According to different customers' specification, professional to make; 5. Professional OEM produce according to factory and distributor's different quality request; 6. Adopt imported 1.2mm thick wove rubber cloth, ageing resistance; 7. Tempered glass, thermostability, not easy to break.

Squeegee Grinding Machine

1. It can grind scraping the glue length of 900 mm,1200 mm,1600 mm and 2000 mm, more than 2 meters specification can be customized. 2. flat grinding and infinitely adjustable motor, so as to guarantee the scraping gum can repeatedly reciprocating slow grinding, grinding accuracy of 0.01 mm. 3. Use 2.0 linear guide rail, 4. high grinding accuracy, straight no gap, no waves, no decorative pattern; Sharp blade, suit for the following precision screen Printing, such as PCB, LED, EL, printing, color paper, mobile phone lens, thin film switches, panels, keyboard, the solar cell, silica gel, glass, wood, metal, paper, and other areas of the screen printing. 5. can grinding scraping gum blade shape as follows: the flat, round mouth, pointed mouth.

Vertical Screen Frame Dryer

The PTO digital intelligent temperature control, key set, automatic constant temperature simple operation Galvanized sheet bladder & ventilation in the oven clean pollution free, the use fixed number of your long. Big flow hot air circulation, the evenness of temperature in the oven Ceramic heater, thermal efficiency is high; the service of heating tube is common to several times.

Horizontal Screen Frame Dryer

1.Heating tubes are set at the bottom inside the cabinet. Airflow recycles in the cabinet by a centrifugal fan to increase the temperature quickly and averagely. The emulsion is dried efficiently without any damage to screen frames. 2. Drawer is delicately designed to have a perfect sealing. Each drawer moves on the rails with bears, which makes pushing and pulling easy and smooth. 3.Different sizes and capacities can be made according to customer's request.

Screen Washing Tank

  1. After the screen after exposure, by the developing flushing screen washing tanks, fluorescent and high-pressure water jet machine perspective completely water clear
  2. then the emulsion coating station use, can be used with yellow lamp lights as background light, can avoid in addition to the exposure of the emulsion into account, widely adapted for screen printing flushing sophisticated network.

Vertical Beater

The exclusive Vertical Beater adopts a high quality motor with high strength and minimum vibration. Its 3-catch operation mode makes sure there is stability for making water paste and adhesive cement of 50 kgs. The motor speed is an impressive 1400R/Min.

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