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Textile Label Printing Ink

Flexo/Rotary Printing Ink

The Flexo /Rotary Printing Ink was essentially a formulation for use on garment labels, decorative ribbons, self-adhesives and all types of fabrics used in the label industry. Made in association with leading technicians and Label Machinery LTD, it is of premium quality. Available in a broad range of standard Pantone colors , the ink is ideal for use of a variety of fabric and textiles with fine and seamless results. The ink is fully heat curated after only one hour and has increased depth of color and high coverage of solid colors that are often difficult to print on textiles. It also reduces ink waste as unused ink can be restored in the original container.

Screen Printing Ink

The Colortex Ink is a screen ink, especially formulated for garment labels, decorative trim, ribbon’s , pressure sensitive fabric and a wide range of fabric used in the label industry.  It was made to be used with flat bed rotary type screen printing process. It s always press ready and does not need any thinner for reducers. It can provide multi color runs and the color it provides is opaque and the drying is extremely fast. Colortex only requires medium heat to fully cure and additives are offered for materials that cannot be exposed to heat.

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