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Textile Label Printing

Curing Sticker

Tempilabel Series 21 labels are uniquely designed to deliver immediate, accurate and reliable readings in a variety of applications or environments. Tempilabels can be quickly affixed to almost any surface and used to quickly indicate when a precise temperature is reached.

Wash Out Solvent

Adhesive Both Side Tape

Increasingly difficult printing jobs require plate mounting adhesive tapes that adapt accordingly. Only then high-quality image print can done. The wide range of DuploFLEX FOL products have stood the test of time for over 50 years and also provides solid solutions for demanding flexoprint jobs. Its dimensional stable PVC film carrier in combination with an aggressive synthetic rubber pressure sensitive adhesive is quite suitable for hard, tolerance-free mounting of printing plates in flexographic printing.

Drum Sticker

Our Silicone Drum sticker used in label printing machine. Drum Sticker has a smooth silicone rubber.

Vaccum Foil

Vaccum foil used for Label printing machine. We can provide any size according to customer requirement.

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